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Science, Philosophy and Health

The introductory seminar is given through an audiovisual system with over 150 overhead projected images, which make an in-depth explanation of the scientific and philosophical study of the bases and aspects upon which Quantum Hologramic Bio-Cybernetics is based.

The information given in the audiovisual session on the first day sets up analogies between modern science and that of ancient China, with explanations of the bio-cybernetic and bio-energy concepts and biochemical phenomena arising from the drawings of FU XI and WEN WANG, which culminate in the archetypal, interactive analogical bio-information on which Quantum Hologramic Bio-Cybernetics is based. The history of the development of the therapy is explained as well as the practical application of the three protocols that make it up.

First audiovisual segment; Introduction:

  • The FU XI "drawing" as an energy element shows the quantic foundations of the bases of the Universal law and of all the phenomena, including life.
  • The trigrams as hexagrammatical form waves. The I-Ching is the FU XI equation in itself.
  • The archetypal, interactive analogical bio-information originating from the development of the equations of FU XI and WEN WANG as an error corrector of the psychosomatic system.
  • The Klein curve used as the base of the error correctors in computer systems and its analogy with the FU XI equation, the I-Ching and the symmetrical, energy geometric bio-structure found in human beings as a result of QHBC.
  • The analogical bio-information of the QHBC system contained in the elements of the therapeutical equipment.
    The leaks of bio-information, the beating bio-radiation and
    the subtle elements detected during the development of QHBC.
  • The leaks of bio-information from the Bio-Cybernetic Nucleus of the Hologram (conscience) in the area of the cerebellum, caused by the dissociation of the elements of the psychosomatic system. This phenomenon was discovered using the analogical bio-information (ABI).
  • The holo-radiation of the BCNH makes a reading of the ABI. The cells also make their own reading of the ABI.
  • The symmetrical energy geometric bio-structure discovered through the ABI, the root of which originates from the BCNH and creates three energy flows called "axes", three planes, eight emotional spheres and the diagonal flows of each of the three planes. All of these aspects are used as reflexological vectors in the regulation of the patient.
  • The root of the symmetrical geometric structure is a kind of trap which confines the spirit or the vital program of an individual (conscience and mind), originating from a subtle area beyond the proscenium of chemical structures, moving into the maternal uterus at the moment of conception.

Second audiovisual segment:
The bases and foundations of QHBC.

  • The periodic table attributed to Emperor FU XI is passed on to use in the form of an image which is digital and analogical at the same time, and its potential as an energy mechanism is identified with the kinetics of the creation of the Cosmo-Universe and life. – Study of the trigrams: their representation as electromagnetic elements; the four forces of the Universe; the archetypal pattern of the order of the Universe. – The concept of the YIN-Yang and its kinetic principle. – The axiom of the "two plus one ". The Trinity.
  • The FU XI Universal Periodic Table originating in an ancient civilization tells us the Universal knowledge in an integral manner. – In search of the genesis of the FU XI equation in the formation of the Universe.
  • The higher deterministic chaos, the TAO. - The Tao as an embryo of the FU XI equation (the Big Crush). - The Big Bang; the FU XI equation is born, the chaotic energy kinetic Binary Code of Creation (the expansive Universe).
  • The Chaotic Spiral as a fractal model configuring the structure of the Whole.- Various examples of how nature behaves in the manner of a trigram. – A practical demonstration of the phenomenon; the digital watch that works using the vegetable bio-electricity from two tubercles (the axiom two plus one).
  • The primitive Universe and the genesis of the atom. - The Tao and the nucleus of the atom.
  • The encrypted FU XI message; the atoms and their elements plus the fundamental particles and the phenomenon of the "strings" represented by the monograms of the trigrams. – Matter and Antimatter.
  • Coincidences between aspects of the science of ancient China and modern day science.

Third audiovisual segment:

  • By distributing the four elements of creation Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen in the trigrams of the FU XI equation, and carrying out a gravitation following the electromagnetic corollary of the atom, the four nitrogenated bases of DNA and the Uracil of RNA are found, and also the whole of biochemistry.
  • The distributive formula of the four elements in FU XI.
  • Various chemical formulae: Appearance of: Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine, Thymine and Uracil, and others referring to the lipids and glucides.
  • The metabolism created by the WEN WANG equation using the FU XI (WEN WANG is known as the Ninth Trigram), which is also composed of eight trigrams. – The structure of living beings. The microcosmos.
  • Trigrammatical and quantic analogies in living structures.- Examples.
  • The equations and their analogy with the planes of the symmetrical geometric bio-structure.

Fourth audiovisual segment:
The theory and introduction to the practice of QHBC.
Description of the elements of the therapeutical equipment.

  • Development of the trigrams into form waves structured as analogical bio-information.
  • FU XI the Macrocosmos and WEN WANG the Microcosmos. The way both equations are used in the therapeutical system.

The pulses:

  • The six pulses of the patient (three in each wrist) used in the therapy, and their phenomenology.
  • Why the wrist pulses? The arms, wrists and hands analogically show the process of structuring of the formation of the Cosmo-Universe.
  • The phenomenon of the circulation of the analogical bio-information between the pulses of the thumbs of the bio-cybernetician (right and left) and the patient’s pulses.
    The therapy:
  • A patient is understood as a structure of which the elements, the mind, organs and functions are dissociated, and the patient does not agree with the biorhythmic compass of the Cosmo-Universe. An ill state.

The three protocols:

  • The First Protocol: The phenomenon of the scars and their electromagnetic structure. – Interference in the Neuro Vegetative System. The navel, a special scar. Scars due to burns and Zoster herpes.
  • The Second Protocol: Blocks in the joints also interfere in the NVS. Treatment with circular movements of the "Test" cylinder. – The "turns".
  • The Third Protocol: Description of the four phases.
    1st Phase – Introduction to the analogical bio-information in each of the six pulses of the patient and the creation of the interactive symbiosis between the patient and the elements of the therapeutical equipment.
    2nd Phase – How to locate the synthesis pulse. – The shape of the pulse in a YIN state and in Yang.
    3rd Phase – Parametric analysis. The bio-cybernetic energy etiology of the psychosomatic disorder.
    4th Phase – The integral psychosomatic reprogramming of the patient. Their three energy levels: YIN - Neutral - Yang.

Q & A time.

The practical application of a session of QHBC.
The best way to carry out a session of QHBC is applying it on a real patient with all their psychosomatic clinical problem. Attendants are invited to bring patients; friends or relatives who wish to try the experience of a therapeutical session.
The various phases of a therapeutical session. – The application of the three protocols:

  • The First Protocol: The elimination of interference from scars on the skin and deeper internal scars. The navel as an existential scar. Scars caused by burns. Zoster herpes. Bone fractures. The emotional Shock point removing the interference from the interhemispherical commissures. All of these elements are the reasons behind the dissociation between the psychosomatic functions.
  • The Second Protocol: Other dissociative forms are muscular traumas and contractures of the vertebral joints. They are treated with the "Turns" (loops with the "Test" cylinder).
    - Treatment of the so-called "Universal Point " in D12-L1.
    - Treatment of the pelvic block in L5-S1.
    The efficiency of the therapy in decongesting muscular contractures means that in the third protocol, the regulation is integrated with the stimulation of the seven Chakras by applying the "Test" cylinders in "turns" over each of the flows of the Chakras. This stimulation also enhances the effects of the therapy in general in all kinds of patients.
  • The third protocol: The four phases.
    Once the parts causing the dissociation of the patient’s psychosomatic system have had their interference removed, we can carry out integral reprogramming.
    With the patient lying face up on a couch with the bio-cybernetician at their head, the third protocol may be carried out.
    1st Phase – Introducing the analogical bio-information into the particular hologram of the patient through the six pulses (three in each wrist). In the same operation the interactive symbiosis between the patient and the elements of the therapeutical equipment is generated so that they will be recognized (assimilated) by the psychosomatic system of the patient and not rejected.
    2nd Phase – Location of the synthesis pulse from among the six used in QHBC.
    3rd Phase – bio-cybernetic energy parametric analysis (placing the "Macro" and "Micro" modules at the end of the axis and the corresponding plane where they must be placed according to analysis of the synthesis pulse).
    4th Phase – The treatment in four cycles: To stimulate the various vectorial parameters, we use the "Test" cylinder. Each cycle is made up of nine sequences.

    The matter aspect - YIN:
    1 – Elimination of the interference in the tonsils (with or without scars).
    2 – Elimination of the dental interference.
    3 – Correction of the interferential resonance in all the sinuses: Maxilar, Nasal, Sphenoidal and of the Forehead.
    The neutral aspect:
    Increases the retroactive comparative ability of the patient and increases the yield of the therapeutical session.
    4 – The cranial sagittal line.
    5 – Stimulation of the cerebral hemispheres
    6 - Laterality
    The subtle aspect - Yang:
    7 – Adjustment of the eight emotional spheres.
    8 – Stimulation of the diagonal flows of the corresponding planes.
    9 – Returning the leaks of the BCNH in the area of the cerebellum.

    This fourth phase is repeated four times in order to use up all the readings the system can make of the "Micro" and "Macro" modules. For this to be possible, the modules will change position with each cycle. The pulses will inform the bio-cybernetician of each sequence (each vector to be stimulated) and the changes occurring in the state of the patient.

    The QHBC session concludes at the end of the third cycle.


If you are interested in attending an introductory seminar, please tell us and you will be informed when the next is organized.

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