The experience of a Biocybernetician

What I would like to explain in this essay is the importance of human relationships and living in a state of harmony. 

Emotions are created with thoughts. This is an important fact — watch where you are following your thoughts because they make up new stories that are not real. Thoughts are based in an energy like desire, fear, and ambition among other things. We are looking for happiness and love, this is a natural event, the problem is that we are often searching in a wrong way. For example, when we think that a new situation, job or partner, will bring the happiness or fulfillment that we desire. This is one of the most difficult things to understand in the present moment. 

I see several misconceptions that we tend to pick up from society, family or other people, one of these misconceptions is the fundamental ignorance that most human beings feel their life will be improved by external things. This misconception carries the disillusionment that most of us have about staying in a relationship, whether or not we attain full natural state of happiness.  

If we go deeper into the constitution of human beings on a subtle level, we see that our psychic, emotional, and mental bodies link up with our meridians and chakras. These bodies can only be seen through our psychic eyes. Health can’t be achieved without right interconnection between these systems. Research has been also done to integrate the areas of hologram and quantum. 

I can to refer to my own experience in the practice of Biocybernetica as both a patient and practitioner, I feel assured that Biocybernetica has created the big change in my overall body system, especially in my mental and emotional body. 

After a Biocybernetic session, I experience a sense of liberation from the emotional imbalance and thoughts that accumulate daily in the majority of people. Without biocybernetics, the assimilation process of integrating the physical, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of my body had not been going very well, but after the biocybernetic session these elements came into balance allowing my body systems to function as an integrated whole. The reintegration happens, as I understand the process, because the organization codes of a biocybernectics treatment returns the out of balance energies through reordering the thoughts and feelings of the cerebellum. Practitioners call this process “a corrector of psychosomatic systems” 

Serenity, calm, and deep vision of reality are dominate the senses after a Biocybernetic session. The recipient is more in touch with other people and pays less attention to his or her particular problems. 

As a practitioner, this phenomenon has been fascinating for me in this experiment called Life. We all must interact with people of all types, those that generate warm feelings as well as those causing conflict. Biocybernetics has guided me to awaken to my own reality.

The Unity of Conciseness exists without thoughts or feelings – it has no duality; it is one. We, as humans rushing about in our materialistic world, often forget that we are more than the confused behaviours and thoughts we have created in our mind, which in turn, have become our reality. We forget that these distractions lead us away from being a fully integrated being. 

Welcome this particular path of spiritual life and this tool and its ability to balance and help us in the integrity of the absolute. 

Juan Carlos